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  • We do use frames, and there is no unframed version available, sorry.  At the present time we do not use "cookies".

  • Our butterfly logo in the upper left corner of the screen will always return you to our home page.

  • Links are not always underlined but Yellow links have been updated within the last two days, and Red within the 30 days.

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  • Many of the images have pop ups showing better detail, in a larger size. If you mouse over the image and get a hand cursor it will popup. Please note that the combination of Internet Explorer, version 7, and the Google popup blocker works well (much better than previous versions) and will stop the pop ups unless you allow them.  Pop ups close if you click your screen any where outside their border, and have a close button at the bottom of the screen.

  • (August 11, 06) We found a problem with the newest versions of Netscape (8.1) and FireFox ( and the images on our new Yarn page. The images don't resize the way they use to in the older versions. It is odd because they both seem to use the FireFox engine. The problem should be resolved with Netscape, but FireFox still does not work well. I'm not sure if it's me or them but will continue to try to resolve it.

  • (July 17, 2007) The "sticky notes" will close if you click the tiny close text near the bottom of them. And they can be moved around the screen if you click the gray area. They will "redisplay" if you go back to a page. To stop the redisplay we would have to start using cookies, and would prefer to not do that to you

  • (Dec 30, 07) We changed the email contact method from a published address to requiring the use of our form. There is to much spam being generated by web crawlers from the previous method. Sorry!

  • (Feb 25, 08) For those who dislike the floating things on the home page, it you click on them they will go away until you reload the home page.

  • (Sept 9, 08) Our site has been tested with the new Google web browser Chrome (, and found to be comparable. Chrome runs both version of the video on the CD Weaver page! BUT the yellow skikies are not movable as they are when using IE.

  • (June 2010) Our videos are not compatible with the iPad tablet. Apple has blocked the use of Flash on the iPad and is currently not releasing other information needed for us to enable access. We expect that with the release of the new multi tasking operating system (expected in the fall of 2010) we will be able to implement them. I don't think we currently have any images that use "mouse over" (move mouse pointer over an image to access information or change the image) they don't work well on iPad either. Popups do work by opening a new version of the browser.

  • (November 2010) We added pop-up access to our second menu levels. We are trying to reduce the number of items on any given menu, by making the second levels available. These are done using a "MouseOver" option which is not supported very well with older web browsers and touch screen appliances such as iPad. Development was tested using the bata version of Iinternet Explorer 9 (Hint - don't go there yet) and is compatable with it.

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