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LoraleeSeptember 6, 2007 - 1
 I have recently had the priviledge of taking some weaving classes from Laura Fry and I have her CD weavers and I can honestly say the two have changed my whole concept and scope of weaving. The 2 things that have impacted me the most are the speed and efficiency in which I have learned to both thread and weave and the huge difference that wet finishing makes. I have been weaving for about 10 years and have taken a fair amount of courses but honestly didn't realize that I could be threading and weaving 4 times as fast, and this is only going to increase with practice.
TienAugust 12, 2009 - 2
 From a post to WeaveTech, included here with permission:

LOL! I just got back from five wonderful days studying with Laura Fry
in Canada. I had a very funny conversation with the customs agent on
the way into Canada:

"Where are you going?"
"Prince George."
"Where are you staying?"
"You know, I'm not quite sure. I'm staying with a friend, and she's
picking me up at the airport, but I don't know her address."
"Where did you meet this friend?"
"Oh, on the Internet."
"Have you met this person before?"
"Well, no." [Actually, I remembered later that I had, but only in
passing at a conference.]
"Uh...good idea? Bad idea?"
"Oh, good idea, definitely."

I could tell she thought I was crazy. :-)

Katie LJuly 21, 2009 - 3
 I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop in
Lamar, Missouri this past weekend. So much of the way I approach
weaving was affirmed. I've been looked at askance so many times
for my approaches, I just quit telling people I don't want to
take the time to unwind beginning and ending weft threads, etc.
It was great to hear your common sense ideas and philosophies.
And I learned oodles of labor-saving hints. Can't wait to try
SharonNovember 7, 2008 - 4
 I've changed how I warp so much because of those video clips! It's much quicker, easier, and more comfortable than it was before. And when I'm warping and threading I now think "maybe someday I will be as good as Laura... " :-)
Mary MJuly 5, 2008 - 5
Received the CD and samples today (July 5). I am awe-struck by the samples and will sadly wait until after a sewing job I have for llama panniers is finished to view the CD. I hope I can ever get a weaving finished that even half resembles the work you do. I'm trying to get better but the hay farming and other ranch obligations only give me the winter nights to weave - hurry winter, hurry.
Thanks for the beautiful work.
Mary Mauz

MaryFebruary 23, 2008 - 6
 I looked at your CD,it was fantastic,I learnt what I was trying
to in a few minutes.Thank you.Mary UK.
DanFebruary 20, 2008 - 7
 As a relatively new weaver I really appreciate the samples as an exceedingly worthwhile addition to the data on sett, epi, yarn type and size. This provides a very good guideline for predicting outcome of varying these factors to some degree on other projects. In effect, it reduces some of the "experimentation factor" a bit. I find this encouraging!

"Magic in the Water" is a beautiful, and very useful, resource.

JanFebruary 19, 2008 - 8
 message: I received your Magic Waters book on Friday! My family had to go out for dinner because I was too busy looking through your book to cook. I had no idea how this treatment worked and I've been weaving for years and years. Can I go back and give a heat treatment to older woven projects if they have been wet and dried
when they were woven, but never pressed? I can hardley wait to share this with my guild at our next meeting....Jan Hagedorn
LorraineFebruary 11, 2008 - 9
 I received my copy of Magic in the Water and it's great! What a wonderful source of information for a newer weaver. I'm reading it a little at a time and enjoying it so much....thank you again....lorraine
Mary OJanuary 23, 2008 - 10
  Magic just arrived and I examined every picture and scanned every page before even removing my jacket!

The photographs are excellent, the print is beautiful, the information is amazing, and the large samples are inspiring!

You are such a gift to the weaving community. Thank you.
MaryJanuary 19, 2008 - 11
 Hi Laura,

The magic pages appeared today. Thank you! Fabulous addition! You are so amazing!

Susan SDecember 30, 2007 - 12
 Some things can only be experienced in person--by touch and feel--and that includes woven fiber. While my primary focus is not items woven for the body, I knew the minute I heard of MAGIC IN THE WATER that it was going to be that indispensable reference book I needed to complete my weaving library. But it's more than a book--it's like the equivalent of taking a workshop with Laura, because you can bring it home and not have worry that there's something more to complete. She's done all the work for you, from choosing the fiber to recommending the sett, even the picks per inch. Plus, she shows exactly how to finish those pesky fibers and what the percentage of shrinkage will be once you do. You can see the samples as they came off the loom and then how they will look once the finishing is completed. Don't be put off by the price--just think how much you might have to pay to have someone TEACH this to you--or how much you might have to put out in ruined warp and wasted time. It's truly a bargain and so much more.

Sue in MA

BettyDecember 30, 2007 - 13
 If you're a weaver, and you've not studied Laura Fry's book, Magic in the Water, you NEED this book. My public school sewing classes in 8th and 9th grades were in 1949 and '50, when everyone understood that fabric was washed ... ALL fabric ... before it was finished. The process of "hard-pressed" was clearly taught and understood, and it ISN'T "ironing."
Ironing is smoothing the wrinkles from fabric by sliding the hot iron over it.
"Hard-press" is a vital step in finishing all fabric. It's an ancient, clearly understood step in the weaving process. Present-day industry has huge machines that do the job. Handweavers do it with press-cloths and muscle, pressing the fibers into position, where they'll stay. Yes, you hardpress chenille, silk, cottons, blends as well as wool ... and when appropriate, you lightly brush up the nap after. The bonus ... flexible, soft fabric that remains constant through years of wear.
Of course, all this hard-pressing is done AFTER you wet-finish your fabric. Yes, you WASH all handwovens. You do not gently swish it in the sink in tepid water! No, you don't just take it to the dry-cleaner for steaming! You WASH it to finish it, just as industry does.
We admire the hand and finish of the clothing at stores from Wal-Mart to Macy's ... why do we not realize all that fabric was put through both wet finishing and hardpressing? Why do we think we can create fabric on our looms without this step?
When did we lose the knowledge? When public schools dropped Home-Ec classes, or when Permanent Press invaded our lives and eased our household tasks? Wet-finishing is hard work, and worth the effort. Laura's collection of samples proves the point much better than my words. This book is a MUST for every weaver's library. It will be considered a classic in years to come by the weavers who follow us.
Sharon SDecember 20, 2007 - 14
 I also received the CD Weaver CD. Haven't had a chance to read the text yet but I'm watching the video and already things have been falling into place in my mind! There are things you and others described on the weaving list that I just couldn't picture correctly. The videos are completely excellent and I am extremely grateful to you for making them available one more time.

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