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Craft Fair booth and displaying textiles
By Laura Fry

The pictures are not great due to the show being low-level lighting and my not having a good flash. :)

I always try to get a corner booth and set it up to invite people to walk in with wide openings and bright lighting in the back corner.

I also always try to hang or drape the textiles, even household things like table runners, if I have the room. I also have a tall stool that I can perch on when I get tired. If you are sitting "down" people won't feel like they can "bother" you with questions. If you are eye level, there is more tendency to talk with you and less resistance to getting up to talk to the customers if you need a rest.

One view

I try to keep clutter off the floor - the plastic bin you see in the first picture got put away under the shelving before the fair opened, and my knitting basket got tucked away under the stool.

I try to make the booth be "invisible" and let the textiles be the statement that people see.

Doug has done a great job of making a booth structure that serves several purposes, that folds down into the smallest space it can, and is easy to set up.

One view

The grid cubes with connectors can be assembled into various shapes. In this set up I built a WWWW wall, draping it with black silk and hung the scarves from it. Another row of scarves was hung behind this on the booth structure itself. I'm tall so I can help people take down the scarves to look at if they are too short, or hesitant to take something down for themselves.

Acknowledge the people that come into your booth (Wal-Mart has "greeters" for a reason!) even if all you say is "hello". By talking to them, you open the door for questions. If there is something unusual about your textiles, you can open conversation by offering a point of information.

For example "These scarves are made from Tencel, the new regenerated cellulose fibre". Some people have heard of Tencel and will appreciate the textile based on their knowledge. For those who don't know what it is, this sort of statement will usually start a conversation, in which you can describe the features of Tencel and your textiles.

Another example "The placemats and table runners are 100% cotton and machine wash and dry."

Encourage people to touch and try on "There's a mirror in the corner if you would like to see how you look in the ruana."

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