Seminars and Guild Programs

A Good Yarn
This topic can be presented as a one hour to 90 minute guild program, or it can be a half day hand’s on seminar.   In it we will look at fibre characteristics, spinning, and how weave structure and density affect the resulting textile.   No limit for guild program – 20 for a half day seminar. A materials fee will be charged for the half day seminar to cover the extensive handouts and yarn samples.

You Have to be Warped
This seminar will show how I dress a loom beginning with winding a warp, beaming, threading, and if there is sufficient time, weaving hints and tips.   Maximum of 12 people, the topic can be presented in a half day seminar, but a full day will allow more a more extensive presentation with time for participants to try the techniques for themselves.   A small material fee to cover the yarn used will be charged.

Magic in the Water I    example
Explains what wet finishing is, why it should be done, and how one can do it with home equipment. Samples will be provided. An overhead projector for a large group is required. Black/white board for a smaller group.

The Business of Weaving
Drawing on over 25 years experience of weaving and selling textiles many observations, hints and tips will be shared on how one might approach the marketing of handwoven textiles (or other crafts). Black/white board required.

Profiles in Excellence
Slide show of the work of Guild of Canadian Weavers master weaver certificate. The kit comes in three parts. One part per seminar/program. Slide projector/screen required.

Focus on Lace Weaves    example
An explanation of the structure of the three main lace weaves: Bronson, Huck, and Swedish. Audience will want to bring graph paper, pencil and eraser. Maximum: 20
Black/white board required.

Guild programs are 45-90 minutes long. Seminars are 90-120 minutes.
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