Candid Camera

During the summer (2009) four students came to study with me.  All four have busy stressful lives and wanted to learn how to be more productive during the limited amount of weaving time available to them.

Katie was a very visual learner, needing to see how something was done before it made sense to her, so I suggested she video tape me while I dressed the loom for her. She’d never dressed the loom back to front before and was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it.

This video clip is not intended to teach someone how to dress the loom but is just a candid camera experience showing that it need not take days of struggling with tangles to beam a warp.  The video clip is about 11 minutes long, and the actual beaming time was 6 minutes. 

The warp was 5 metres long (about 5.5 yards), 10 inches in the reed, 16 epi.

For a detailed step by step explanation of how I dress a loom, see CD Weaver III – You Have to be Warped.

If you want to come study with me for 3-5 days, contact me for details.

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