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Candid Camera

I am always looking for ways to accomplish more by doing "less" so it's exciting when I find a new method of doing one of the many stages in setting up a loom.

Several years ago I changed how I thread after watching Norman Kennedy demo how he does it. Two years ago (almost to the day September 2007) I observed Syne Mitchell sleying the reed using almost exactly the same manner of using the hook as Norman Kennedy used to thread and wondered why I had never extrapolated the motions to sleying!

Using a Harrisville brass hook (which has a small threading hook on one end, a larger sleying hook on the other) it is quick and easy to pull ends through the heddles or the dents leaving the loops on the shank of the hook and then pulling the entire group through at once.

In the video the warp has been threaded in a straight draw over four shafts with four ends in each bout. The set is 20 so I'm sleying two dents at a time (2 ends per dent in a 10 dent reed).

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