Weave a V

designing and weaving a V-shaped double weave shawl

by Kerstin Fröberg

Book Cover

If you've ever wondered how to weave a V-shaped shawl, this book will help you design and weave one using double weave.

Kerstin gives instructions on how to design your tie-up and treadling for plain weave and other weave structures so that the cloth will be woven correctly. This information can also be used for 'ordinary' double width weaving.

Contains hints and tips for the weaving of the V-shaping, and describing possible design options. Step by step instructions are provided on how to achive a proper tie-up and treadling to keep the weave structure correct on the fold.

Information is provided for both rising and sinking shed looms.

See the gallery of shawls for inspiration at http://www.bergdalaspinnhus.com/shawleng.html.

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